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Nether-Swarthmore TimeBank

Our Policy on Organizations Joining the TimeBank

An organization in our community that subscribes to the Mission and the Core Values of the Nether-Swarthmore TimeBank is welcome to become a member. This might include a not-for- profit or for-profit corporation, a non-incorporated organization, or a government agency.

Why would my organization want to be part of the TimeBank?

As a part of our community your organization can share our mission of building relationships within the community, strengthening our neighborhoods and making this area a better place to live. The Nether-Swarthmore TimeBank is one way that the community is strengthened, by connecting people with time and talents to other people in the community with needs. We believe every individual and organization has talents, and everyone has wants/needs.

How would my organization use the TimeBank?

Once your organization is a member you can use the TimeBank to get the word out about projects and individual needs that require some assistance, and at the same time you can reward those who contribute their time and talents in a way that helps everyone make connections within the community. The TimeBank administrators will give your organization a certain number of hours to get you started. You can gain additional hours by providing a service to individuals or other organizations in the TimeBank or by asking your members or others in the community to donate their earned hours to your organization.

TimeBank hours—and whether your organization has a positive or negative balance of them—should not be an initial concern.  The main thing is that your organization is partnering with the TimeBank and making use of the resources it can offer.

If the basis of your organization is generosity, such as a religious or spiritual organization, it might seem counter-intuitive to be part of an organization that gives something (TimeBank hours) in exchange for the donation of time and talent. We invite you to consider that both giving AND receiving of TimeBank time and talents is a real contribution toward building the community, and thus a component of generosity.

Are there restrictions on how my organization uses the TimeBank?

The TimeBank is not intended for use by organizations who wish to sell or promote products or services, or those who wish to promote ideologies. It may not be used as a platform for bartering products or services. We can understand that a person or organization might want to provide their service or product as a donation with an eye toward a future business arrangement, but we discourage using the TimeBank for this kind of promotion. On the other hand, if your service is something you are willing to give away in exchange for TimeBank hours, and without expectation of any other recompense, that would be acceptable.

There is no age restriction for membership.  Those under 18 may join on their own if their parent/guardian has signed a Permission Form for them to become a member.

How would my organization join the TimeBank?

On the TimeBank website,, click on the word Join in the Login box. On the Join page the very first thing you see is a checkbox to Sign up as an organization. An email address (for you or for the organization) will be required. At the bottom of that page click on Apply for membership. An administrator will approve your application.