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Nether-Swarthmore TimeBank

Swarthmore TimeBank is Launching!

February 12, 2018

Hello Fellow Swarthmorean,

I’m writing to encourage you to join Swarthmore TimeBank, truly a unique way to give and take, create new connections and bring our community even closer together.

You may have seen references to TimeBanking in several articles that appeared in recent issues of the Swarthmorean, or you may have heard of it from friends who live in nearby communities such as Media, Phoenixville, and Allentown.

Essentially, TimeBanking refers to a time-based currency, where one member gives an hour of “work” to another, earning one time credit for the effort, and in return becomes eligible to receive a similar amount of “work” from another member. Unlike money, where some work is valued highly, and other work is given little value, an hour of service is always one time credit regardless of the nature of the service performed. Here is more information about the Swarthmore Timebank.

TimeBanks are formed when people come together to use TimeBanking to increase a sense of individual and community well-being. The focus is on exchanges by individual members as they give and receive services to each other, forming a different kind of local economy based on caring and kindness.

Sound interesting? Think it might give you a chance to help others, while getting some needed help in return? And, at the same time, give you a chance to meet new neighbors and make Swarthmore a more tightly-knit community?

If so, why not sign up to have an orientation to Swarthmore TimeBank. During the orientation potential members learn how to join Swarthmore TimeBank, how to offer and request services, and how to record time credit exchanges. At this time there is no charge for an orientation or for TimeBank membership.

To arrange for your TimeBank orientation please email Bill Davis at If you have any questions about TimeBanking, please email Sheila Bell at or Linton Stables at

I hope to hear from you soon!

One more thing: Tell your friends and neighbors about the Swarthmore TimeBank, and ask them to join, too.


Best regards,

Bill Davis
Chair, Aging in Place Committee,
Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association